Bronze lamp era Napolean chateau venes Tarn13th century chateau near Albi, Tarntapestry, renaissance Italian, detail, chateau veneswindows in the south west tower chateau venesantique clock face

The Tarn and the surrounding area - Tourism & Culture

Lautrec 5 min Tourist Office The windmill at Lautrec

- Medieval village -  noted as one of the most beautiful villages in France

- Lautrec is the capital of the production of pink garlic : garlic festival the first Friday of August
- The windmill of Lautrec 'Moulin à vent de la Salette' and the clog makers workshop

Castres 15 min - Tourist Office Castres

Old houses on the river Agout, Castres

- Goya museum and its gardens designed by Le Nôtre
tel : 05 63 71 59 27

- Site gallo roman of Gourjade

- Old houses on the river Agout which can be appreciated on the tour aboard the river boat.

- Pavillon Adélaide at Burlats 8 km from Castres (open during the summer)

Mazamet - at the heart of Cathare country 30 min

- House of memories (Maison des Mémoires) with a permanent exhibition dedicated to Catharism

- Consult the history of the Cathars in the Tarn:

- The ancient abbaye école royale of Sorèze 70 min Tel : 05 63 50 86 38

Carcassonne - 75 min - Tourist Office

Medieval city of Carcassonne

Itinerary of discovery - Tourism in the Tarn consult 'le Tarn en poche 2010' for brochures

- The Sidobre: circuit of 68 km

- 'Le pays de Cocagne' Réalmont, Lautrec, Vénès,… : circuit of 152 km

- Fortified towns 'Les Bastides albigeoises' : Réalmont, Cordes Puycelsi, ... circuit of 157 km

- The Gaillac vineyards : circuit of 117 km

- The 'Vallée du Tarn' and the 'Ségala' : circuit of 160 km

- The Black Mountains ('La Montagne Noire') : circuit of 128 km

- Monts de Lacaune

  Albi - Cordes-sur-ciel - Gaillac - Toulouse

  Open air markets

  Activites and sport