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History - 2.  Major Feats

The entrance to Chateau Venes TarnThe Venes castle played an important role during the religious wars in France. The religious wars, Protestants against Catholics France
Several battles were conducted in Venes between Catholics and Protestants.
On July 8, 1562, Venes fell to the Protestants of Castres while the president Bernuy and the captain de Crépiac, who were maintaining there a garrison of 300 men, were absent. Despite stiff resistance, almost all soldiers perished sword in hand. The 60 to 80 survivors were brought to Castres, executed, and their bodies thrown into a well.

(Scene from the religious wars between Catholics and Protestants)

Ancient coin Castres, Tarn

In the following century, during the second period of the civil wars, the food that the diocese of Albi had to provide to the army of the Duke of Ventadour was stored in June 1669 in Venes, where the regiment of the Sieur of Montréal was housed.

(Ancient coin of the period - town of Castres)